dimanche 25 avril 2010

Wendy's at UNC

Ok, like I've said a couple of posts before, I'm not into the idea of the college student having to compromise taste for money. However, I can't wait to have something cheaper than Alpine breakfast bagels to eat. On the other hand, I don't like the change in UNC's image now that Wendy's is coming to the student union. It almost feels like UNC is compromising its "eat healthy" image, you know? I dunno.....it'd kinda be nice, though, to have a nice frosty every now and then.....

I guess it's a double standard since I'd be all for bringing Bojangles to the Union.

Spice Street

So I know a lot of UNC students view this as a place to get sushi, but eh. please don't.

I went there with T on Thursday and we tried a few things: The Caribbean Roll 2, She-Crab Soup and Bouillabaise. We shared.

She-Crab Soup: This was tasty because it was creamy and rich and tasted so crabby in every way. This was not tasty because it was a bit salty. The bowl ($5) was a soup of the day and gave a significant amount of soup, enough for two people to have a taste and enough for one person to half-fill themselves on. The soup was also a bit on the oily side, which didn't exactly bother me, but was still a bit disconcerting nonetheless. As i was eating it, I was thinking about some girls I've seen around campus and silently snickered at the thought of one of them eating this and freaking out.

Bouillabaise: I have to admit, this was my first time with a bouillabaise, and I'm not very qualified to judge it the way it's supposed to be, but I can say that for a seafood stew, it was a bit too tart for my taste. I prefer my seafood soups to be light and balanced, not tart. It was supposed to be shrimp, clams, mussels, fish of the day (which I've noticed was salmon) and scallop in a lobster-fennel broth. Lobster-fennel broth....when I saw that, I thought rich and deep, not light and tart, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to taste like, so I can't say for sure if this was a thumbs down, but I wished the broth was a bit more to my taste. The seafood, however, was cooked perfectly. The clams and mussels were tender and the mussels especially was not fishy, which is always nice. The salmon was nice and soft, more well-cooked than the salmon at Maggiano's for sure. Overall, I think the bouillabaise was still pretty decent.

Caribbean Roll 2: I can't find the sushi menu, so I can't tell you exactly what was in here, but I know there was cucumber since I don't like cucumbers. I know T did, though, so I took one for the team. It had a sweetness to it, I remember, but I couldn't exactly taste the fish inside so I can't comment on the freshness, and it was certainly a tiny roll for the price, even if it was on half-price Thursday. For the money-conscious student, there are far better places to get tasty and cheap sushi.

Overall, the meal was ok, but I wouldn't get any of those items again. The lighting was also way too dark for my liking and the music was too loud. I did write this on their comment cards, along with the salty soup as feedback.

ok, making a comeback--Maggiano's vs. Neal's Deli, the anti-chain argument

I know this blog has been ill-maintained, but I am determined to put all my food posts on this from now on. I think that to properly do so, I'd address an issue that I saw while on a chowhound thread. Chain vs. Local?

K, first of all, those who annoyingly generalizes that everyone who would prefer not to go to chains are all annoying food snobs, I have to say you are idiots. What is wrong with big chain restaurants that think they can rightfully charge you a shit ton (excuse my language, but I get fired up about my food) for some mediocre food? There are a lot of things. Yeah, I'm sure places like Maggiano's and Mac Grill and Cheesecake Factory have some pretty damn good dishes, but as a poor college student who also wants to eat delicious food, I have found the alternative. Take, for example, the dinner at Maggiano's that I had the other day vs. say...Neal's Deli (I'm on Chapel Hill, so Carrboro is my food town). T and I went to both together, and our Neal's Deli breakdown was a little more than 20 dollars total for the Chileanos Completos, Manhattan, Chicken Noodle Soup and Marinated Beets. All of that stuffed our bellies full, just like the dinner for two chef's specials did at Maggiano's with a Tomato Bruschetta, Braised Veal Pasta, Balsamic-Glazed Salmon baked on cedar paper and served with a Mediterranean orzo with pine nuts, and Mini-Desserts that included Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, New York Style Cheesecake, and Apple Crostada for 52 dollars (including tax and 20% tip).

Here's the taste breakdown for each:

Chileanos Completos: Avocado Salsa, Kraut, Chipotle Tabasco, & Mayonnaise on a Brezel roll--this is the shit. This might just be because my lack of experience with the hot dog, but this was by far the greatest hot dog I've ever had. Best. Bun. Ever. That bun was toasted until crispy and golden brown and the avocado salsa on top was nice and cool and made a great temperature as well as texture contrast with the roll. The kraut, I'm sure, they made because I know Neal's Deli does their own pickles and marinated veggies and slaws. Chipotle Tabasco has always been my favorite and it adds a nice spice (though I'd prefer more) and the Mayonnaise was unnecessary but I guess provided that rich, creamy taste in your bite. It was certainly too big for my mouth and definitely worth every penny of that $5.50. Just thinking about that hot dog makes me so happy.

The Manhattan: Pastrami with Swiss, slaw, & Russian dressing on rye--I am in love with the pastrami in this sandwich. It was nice and crispy on the edges and tender at the center and the cut was a nice thickness. The Pastrami was just layered on there, making up a significant part of this sandwich, but did not at all throw the carefully balanced ratio of slaw:meat:bread. The slaw was nice and sweet but had the added tang of the Russian dressing layered right on top of it. It tasted so fresh, and like any other slaw-on-top-of-a-hot-item at Neal's Deli, it was cool and provided a great contrast. You know that then the slaw inside the sandwich is still cool and the meat is still hot that it was made to order and served quickly. The slaw was not as good as the Muffuletta's olive salad, but it tasted to appropriate on that hot pastrami. Again, this was worth every penny of its cost, which was $8.50.

Chicken Noodle Soup: This tasted so fresh and the chicken was shredded to thick pieces (if that made any sense) and you can tell that it was house-made. The soup was light and seasoned well, which for people other than me might be a little under--I am fragile against the salt--but T didn't complain, so I assume it was good for her, too. Some chicken pieces were on the dry side, which made the chicken experience from this soup very inconsistent, but the taste of the broth had be spooning out every drop of it from that bowl. Worth the $4.50/bowl.

Marinated Beets: At this point, you're probably wondering, you have room to put away another item in your stomach? Yeah, yeah we did. We stuffed ourselves and made two huge food babies, but that's all worth it. Plus, we took a browse around Cliff's Meat Market and walked all the way back to my dorm anyway, so the extra energy consumed didn't go to waste. The beets were sweet like beets are supposed to be and I'm so glad that my love in beets has been reaffirmed. The tangy coating on the beets from the marinade/dressing/"Neal's Deli magic fairy dust" was a good contrast, but didn't take away from the beet's sweetness, which was exactly what I was expecting when I bought this. Bottom line, for $3.25, this is a nice side.


Bruschetta: Italian garlic bread toasted and topped with a tomato bruschetta relish made of diced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and Kalamata olives and basil--This was really, really tasty. The tomatoes tasted fresh and I was looking for more olives the whole time. This was just...tasty, I'm not sure how else I can add to what the taste was. Except for the nice, toasty bread, I'm sure I can make this in my podunk dorm room after a trip to the farmer's market on a nice Saturday morning.

Braised Veal Pasta: Ok, this is where it went all wrong. The fettuccini was perfectly cooked to al dente and even though the veal was salty and even after the botched desserts, I was picking out the remainder of my pasta just to eat. The sundried tomatoes were so delicious and tangy, and I was looking for more with each bite to neutralize the salty veal and jus but the salt just got to be too much for me. I know I eat on the light side of the salt spectrum, but even when T tried my dish it was still agreeably too salty for her. The veal was in chunks and falling apart, but even though it was falling-apart tender, its texture was still stringy-tough, kinda like it's been dried out. It was fatty, though, and had a good taste to it, but for a braised meat, it lacked any flavor other than salt. There was no spice, no deeper flavor, no excitement that popped out at me. I found it a bit bland in that respect.

Balsamic-Glazed Salmon: The balsamic glaze on the salmon was very tasty but there wasn't enough. The salmon itself was cooked a little too much for my taste. I've made more well-cooked salmon following directions off of an internet recipe. The spinach was buttery and tasty, but under-seasoned so it was a bit bland overall. The orzo was nice, but there was nothing special about it, and i kept wishing the pine nuts had been roasted (since that's how I like my pine nuts) but it added a nice crunch to the dish. Except for lack of seasoning and the overcooked salmon, this was a nice dish. So I guess it wasn't *really* nice since those were the two most important thing.

Mini Desserts: as listed, it was the strawberry NY-style Cheese Cake, Tiramisu, Apple Crostada with vanilla ice cream topped with a bit of mint, and Creme Brulee. I could've gotten a much better cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory next door, so that part of the dessert was a bust. Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts, so this particular one has a lot to be compared to since I order this almost anywhere I've been that serves this. One bite of the Tiramisu and I just gave up on the rest. It was bland, the coffee flavor was weak, the cream was light but bland and needed a bit more sugar, and the dark chocolate on top wasn't even memorable. Compared to the Tiramisu at Asuka (Morrisville) and at Tir Na Nog (Raleigh), this is waaaaay sub-par. Considering Asoka is a Japanese sushi restaurant and Tir Na No is an Irish Pub and that Maggiano's is supposedly focused just Italian fare, this is just sad. How can you ruin a favorite so badly that I don't even want to give it a second bite, much less a second chance. Gross. Moving on, we have the Apple Crostada, which was really.....sweet. The ice cream actually tasted nice, but I doubt they made the ice cream themselves, so I'm not sure what kind of ice cream I was eating. It was eh. The Creme Brulee was actually really tasty and rich, without being overly so, but the sugar crust on top was disappointing. It was not the crunchy crust I'd hoped for, but it was something that was cold and stuck to my teeth. Thanks, Maggiano's, thanks. Being a lover of all custard desserts, especially flan and creme brulee, this just added unnecessary sadness on top of the sadness I had after the Tiramisu.

Overall, taste-wise (even excluding desserts since Neal's Deli didn't serve desserts) and budget-wise, I would never go back to Maggiano's and I feel apprehensive about trying another big-chain restaurant. This isn't just from an animosity toward chains. Don't misunderstand. I've had Mac Grill's seafood linguine and on that night that I gave the place a try (I think Norfolk, VA, near MacArthur mall), the pasta was tasty. The scallops in the appetizer were also all perfectly cooked tender with a crust on both sides. I definitely don't approve of the price there, either, but for a dinner where your parents pay, it's not bad. With that said, and with my appreciation for Chipotle's steak burritos and KFC/Bojangles fried chicken, I think this was a very unbiased comparison of two self-bloating meals.

So I reaffirm the not-anti-chain-but-anti-spending-money-on-blah argument and say with conviction that anti-chainers are not necessarily "pretentious food snobs".

jeudi 12 mars 2009

Mighty Tea's "Organic Hojicha Green Tea"

So I've noticed that the library's cafe sells tea too. The only "tea" tea that they seem to have (untainted by herbal flavors and such, because I tend to not like those) was Mighty Tea's "Organic Hojicha Green Tea." So even though I typically dislike green tea (as I much prefer oolong), I decided to give it a try. The tea bag is made of a pretty good material, sewn up in the edges with cotton thread of decent thickness (nothing crazy) and the tag is decoratively chained (made of same cotton thread) to the teabag. I see pieces of leaves as opposed to smithereens, which is a good sign. However, upon further inspection, I find that the smithereens are on the bottom. And there's a good amount. Not a good sign. The fact that the bag contained leaves of varying sizes isn't very promising. Of course, I believe that the best tea can only be made with whole leaves. But I'll give them the whole leaf thing just in case they chopped them up due to the purpose of tea bags... However, when you go "chopchop," you've started the time bomb. The tea smells...fruity? Does that make sense? From green tea? Maybe the cafe stored the tea improperly.

Eh, after drinking it, I find that it highly......lacking. Perhaps it's the fact that I typically drink strong tea and the cafe put twice as much water as I usually would. Or maybe the time bomb just already went off.

Or maybe I just don't like green tea.


lundi 22 septembre 2008

Mam Chung

Being someone who's Vietnamese, I guess I could say I'm used to the "acquired tastes and smells" of Vietnamese cuisine. Let's face it. Fish sauce stinks. You know what else? The equally wonderful tastes of the various "mam" popular in Vietnam. Ca Loc (as I know it), which I think is Snakehead Fish, is the main ingredient in this dish that I love. Usually, it's sold in a jar form whole (or at least what my mom buys) and then chopped into bits and mixed with ground pork, wood ear mushrooms, chopped bits of thai chili peppers (CRAZY spicy if you get the right kind) and eggs. I think the original recipe, (seen here) called for duck egg, extra egg yolk (also duck) and salted duck egg yolks and some seasonings, like white pepper, salt (yes, as if it isn't salty enough), ample sugar, and a good mixing. After that, it's steamed until it's cooke dall the way through. In the video, she did say that she doesn't put the egg yolk on top 'cause she feels that it adds nothing to the flavor, just a decoration. I like the yolk on top 'cause it makes me happy just by looking at it. Contrary to what she might tell you, I really like the texture of the steamed egg yolk. I mean...it's kinda spongy, but it doesn't seem to absorb the super salty flavors, and instead seems to always be just right. Needless to say, I like eggs. This dish's completed form is best seen here, where it was mistakenly labled a "quiche". I don't think so; what a misnomer. <.<

It is usually eaten with cucumbers, lettuce, and/or sliced lotus root. I, however, do not like any of those, so choose to weirdly eat it with pickled leeks which looks slightly different from the version I buy in the asian store, but it's close enough. It has a tart and sweet taste, and lends a crunchy counterpart to the dense, meaty, and salty mem chung. I don't recommend this combination, really to anyone else, unelss you've tried the other options and hate it, too. This is a personal preference. However, it always seems to excite me, but for now, I'll get back to the unexciting world of my ancient cities test.


mercredi 10 septembre 2008

War Against the Microwaves

Not a fan of food-nuking (something funny happens to foods taste and texture-wise), I decided to put a whole bowl of leftover rice onto a steamer basket in my rice cooker. It fits, bowl and all. It works. I win! Again!

And whilst my rice was being reheated, the water boiling underneath was cooking some Chinese broccoli. Awesomeness.

On a side note, heated up chili radish tastes peculiar.

samedi 6 septembre 2008

A Revelation of a Button

On the previous post, I mentioned the steam cook function and how I believed that it was a function that kept the rice cooker cooking without automatically jumping to the warm mode. Well, if that's true, THEN I BELIEVE I CAN MAKE JA-PAN (puns and more puns, 'pan' is bread in Japanese) #2! With this video:

Yep. And by the way, that rice cooker you see in that video is a Zojirushi. What? You want to know what Yakitate!! Japan is about? Well, from what I remember, it's about this young boy with abnormally warm hands. And in the baking world, it is a special to have such an ability (warm hands equal 'solar hands'). Why? Because yeast thrives in warm environments, yeast is found in breads, and therefore bread rises faster and at a better quality as a result of these hands. :O And if you're wondering why the pair of hands in the video "glow" momentarily, it's the solar hands kicking into action.

What? It's in Japanese? Yes. Can't understand? Read the subtitles. <.< Fine. No? Here:

Yakitate!! Japan #2
350g bread flour
21g butter
21g sugar
35cc milk
180cc water
5g dry yeast
6.5g salt

1. Combine flour, sugar, and salt.
2. Add the yeast (can be mixed with some water prior to adding).
3. Add [warm?] water and milk.
3. Mix.
4. Knead.
5. Add [room temperature?] butter.
6. Knead until it is no longer sticky.
7. Allow dough to rise in a warm place for 60 minutes.
8. Drop dough from a height of 50cm to allow excess air out.
9. Rise in a warm place for 60 minutes.
10. Cook in rice cooker for 60 minutes.
11. Turn par-cooked bread over.
12. Cook in rice cooker for 60 minutes.
13. Turn almost-done bread over.

14. Cook in rice cooker for 60 minutes.

I'll "translate" the recipe later. If I still feel like it.

On a different topic, here's some deadly mochi:



vendredi 5 septembre 2008

Dorm Cooking: Rice Cookers

I refuse to go to dining halls. Therefore I've been cooking in my room. Or using my meal plan at Taco Bell (rarely) and that store in Bragaw (or whatever that building in front of Lee is). So what have I learned so far?

The rice cooker is very VERY versatile. I've made mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, cooked rice, and cooked meat in it. And attempted to make HK-style milk tea (which involves boiling the life out of a mixture of black tea leaves, contrary to the 'rules' of tea brewing). All with a rice cooker. And I'm not talking about a fancy and costly Zojirushi either. I'm talking about some cheap rice cooker with two functions: 'cook' and 'warm.' An 'off' button would be pretty nice too but you could always unplug that appliance after each use (saves a bit of energy too!) Granted, mine is a bit fancier, having these buttons: off, warm, white rice, brown rice, steam cook, and delay timer. Let's break it down even further:

OFF: I like this button. I really do. I'd rather not bend over and touch that dusty plug every time I finished. I'm lazy like that (however, pickiness in food > laziness). Though not necessary if you're going to unplug it anyways.

WARM: Incredibly useful. See, earlier I made mashed potatoes and then left for class. When I came back, the mashed potatoes were still warm but NOT burnt. If I left it at one of the cooking functions, I think I'd return to a crusty bottom. I think this is a must.

WHITE RICE: Rice. I live on this stuff. Not a fan of brown rice at all, so all I eat is white rice. Sometimes black rice but that's for dessert. And I don't make it. My brother knows how to though. I think the dessert I'm thinking about is Thai. Also a must (two-functioners simply call this 'cook').

BROWN RICE: Uh. No idea what this does. I never used it. All I know is that brown rice requires a longer cooking time. And that it just has a nasty texture. Sure, it's healthier and college students should be eating well. But no. No brown rice for me. No. No. NO. By the way, ever tried sushi made from brown rice? It's the nastiest thing ever.

STEAM COOK: I don't steam things often. I could though. But I just don't have foods that need to be steamed. Yet. But I've steamed some vegetables before. But I'm a vegetable boiler. Sure, it's 'unhealthier' or something. But I don't care. You think I care? I just want good food. Anyways, this function has been incredibly useful for me. But it isn't necessary. Why? You could do the same thing with a two-function rice cooker. How? Just fill the container with a lot of water and press cook. However, don't completely close the lid. You can "close" the lid but not allowing it to completely close, which can be done by either propping it open by jamming/obstructing it with a semi-sacrificial chopstick or something [preferably] clean. Or you can leave it wide open like a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos where the hippos have a case of lock-jaw. Though you're going to lose a lot more water that way, resulting in you having to return every so often to refill the reservoir. But the methods I mentioned cause the dual-functioned rice cookers to not stop cooking. Now back to my rice cooker. Why do I like this function? Because I lose less water that way! And less of the water dripping everywhere (yay for condensation). And despite the name, I can do more than just steam: I can BOIL stuff! Yes, the dual-functioners can do this too with the unclosed-lid methods. And yes, they would do that too if you completely closed the lid, but... I don't think it'll stay on 'cook' mode as long before jumping to the warming mode.

DELAY TIMER: Uh, never used that button. But I'm thinking it's like those sleeper functions on music players, only backwards. I don't think you would want to soak white rice before cooking it though. Unless you want what I think would result in a congee-like rice. Eew. But if it didn't aversely affect rice, I guess it would be pretty useful to use this function so that you'd get freshly cooked rice right when you wake up without having to wake up approximately thirty minutes earlier to prepare it. Eh, I'd rather cook what I want and then keep it on the warming mode.

For some reason though, after a while on warming mode, my rice cooker makes my rice overly soggy on one part and chew-resistant on another part. I know probably all rice cookers do this but the one I have at home takes a good while before that happens. But mine here does it much faster. And the one at home is a dualist. Therefore, more buttons does NOT necessarily equal better cooker.

And I just made mashed potatoes. They're surprisingly good. Yum.

Oh, and rice cookers have a significantly less chance of setting off sprinklers. But don't put a rice cooker right under one as a precaution. I'm sure it would actually set it off if you did anyways.

But to give the Zojirushi rice cookers some credit, you can cook bread in it. Deliciously incredible bread. I have yet to do that in my own rice cookers (which are of the Aroma brand). What's this bread, you ask? Watch some 'Yakitate!! Japan.' HAHAHAHAHAHA...or look it up online somewhere.


The Becoming

This food blog (though it'll probably be tangentially be about food most of the time) is so random. WHY!? D: *panics*

[17:03] [TW]: we should make a food blog
[17:03] [TW]: ;D
[17:03] [TW]: you want to?
[17:03] [TW]: ;D
[17:03] [TW]: ;D
[17:03] [TW]: ;D
[17:04] [HT]: ah
[17:04] [HT]: hehe
[17:04] [HT]: yes
[17:04] [HT]: oki
[17:04] [HT]: we'll try food
[17:04] [HT]: well
[17:04] [HT]: we'll blog on stuffs we know first
[17:04] [HT]: and then
[17:04] [HT]: later
[17:04] [HT]: on stuff we've tried together
[17:04] [HT]: :-D
[17:04] [TW]: :D
[17:04] [HT]: eating btw
[17:04] [TW]: k
[17:04] [HT]: so not very responsive
[17:04] [HT]: :-D
[17:05] [TW]: you should think of a name while you're eating
[17:05] [TW]: ;D
[17:06] [HT]: haha
[17:06] [HT]: ok
[17:06] [HT]: well
[17:06] [HT]: epicurious has already been taken
[17:06] [TW]: im hungry
[17:06] [HT]: ....
[17:06] [HT]: good eats has been taken
[17:06] [TW]: i think i'm going to eat 5 tacos again
[17:06] [HT]: haha
[17:06] [HT]: .........
[17:07] [HT]: wow
[17:07] [HT]: really?
[17:07] [HT]: you can eat that many tacos?
[17:07] [TW]: Bunny Flavored Mashed Potatoes
[17:07] [HT]: i don't think I can
[17:07] [TW]: haha
[17:07] [TW]: *patpat*
[17:07] [TW]: keep thinking of names
[17:07] [TW]: Mashed Wallabies
[17:07] [TW]: :P
[17:08] [TW]: Mashed Bunnies
[17:08] [HT]: mashed bunny
[17:08] [TW]: :P
[17:08] [HT]: haha
[17:08] [TW]: XP
[17:08] [HT]: wel;l
[17:08] [HT]: wallabunny
[17:08] [HT]: haha
[17:08] [TW]: ;D
[17:08] [TW]: Mashed Wallabunny
[17:08] [HT]: hahah
[17:08] [HT]: yes
[17:08] [HT]: although that might scare people a bit
[17:08] [HT]: hahahah
[17:08] [TW]: ;D
[17:08] [TW]: doesnt matter
[17:08] [TW]: we're insane anyways
[17:09] [TW]: So...
[17:09] [TW]: Mashed Wallabunny?
[17:09] [TW]: Mashed Wallabunnies?
[17:09] [TW]: or another name?
[17:11] [HT]: idk
[17:11] [HT]: w/e you want
[17:11] [HT]: :-D
[17:15] [HT]: I've eaten two banh gios
[17:15] [HT]: omfg
[17:15] [HT]: it's so good
[17:15] [HT]: i would eat another one, but I think that'll be overkill
[17:15] [TW]: heh
[17:15] [TW]: wait
[17:15] [TW]: did you say FRESH mooncake the other day?
[17:16] [HT]: yes
[17:16] [HT]: homemade
[17:16] [TW]: :O
[17:16] [TW]: :O
[17:16] [TW]: :O
[17:16] [HT]: yeah
[17:16] [HT]: didn't i trll you about that?
[17:16] [HT]: *tell
[17:16] [TW]: you did
[17:17] [TW]: but i didnt realize it until today
[17:17] [TW]: :O
[17:17] [HT]: ......
[17:17] [TW]: :O
[17:17] [HT]: wth tracy
[17:17] [TW]: hmm?
[17:17] [TW]: i'm slow.
[17:17] [HT]: well
[17:17] [HT]: it
[17:17] [HT]: 'sis the kind
[17:17] [HT]: with the nuts
[17:17] [HT]: and the sausage
[17:17] [HT]: and the weird stuffs
[17:17] [HT]: ehhhh
[17:17] [HT]: I like the sausage
[17:17] [HT]: and the egg, but that's about it
[17:17] [HT]: haha
[17:17] [HT]: but that means I hate all the sweet stuffs
[17:17] [HT]: hhaha
[17:18] [TW]: heh
[17:19] [HT]: I ate the freshest one
[17:19] [HT]: the other ones
[17:19] [HT]: are those that I put in the fridge
[17:19] [HT]: 'cause
[17:19] [HT]: my family didn't put preservatives
[17:19] [HT]: so
[17:19] [TW]: heh
[17:19] [HT]: if it stays outside
[17:19] [HT]: it'll go bad
[17:19] [HT]: ...
[17:19] [HT]: so I have to nuke it
[17:19] [HT]: and then eat
[17:19] [HT]: haha
[17:19] [HT]: idk
[17:19] [TW]: ;_;
[17:19] [HT]: but my aunts and my mom made them
[17:19] [HT]: while I was at school
[17:19] [HT]: and brought me some
[17:19] [HT]: the newest one
[17:19] [TW]: *holds sign* [feed meee ;_;]
[17:20] [HT]: which I've been eating the last two days
[17:20] [HT]: is the best
[17:20] [HT]: the other ones, which was from the first time
[17:20] [HT]: are still in my fridge
[17:20] [HT]: hahaha
[17:20] [TW]: ;_;
[17:20] [HT]: I have 4 from the first time
[17:20] [TW]: *hungryhungry*
[17:20] [HT]: stacy and I ate the mung bean one
[17:20] [TW]: i'll help you finish
[17:20] [TW]: ;D
[17:20] [TW]: ;D
[17:20] [TW]: ;D
[17:20] [TW]: ;D
[17:20] [HT]: awww
[17:20] [HT]: it's not fresh, though
[17:20] [HT]: and the first installment was kind bad
[17:20] [HT]: ...
[17:21] [TW]: *shrug*
[17:21] [TW]: *hungry*
[17:21] [TW]: ;_;
[17:21] [HT]: well
[17:21] [HT]: do you want me to bring it on monday?
[17:21] [HT]: and see if we can still eat it?
[17:21] [TW]: your choice
[17:21] [TW]: :P
[17:21] [HT]: ok
[17:21] [TW]: i'm having 5 tacos after this class
[17:21] [HT]: I'm not into mooncake anyway
[17:21] [TW]: me neither
[17:21] [TW]: :P
[17:21] [HT]: haha
[17:21] [HT]: I'll bring one then
[17:21] [TW]: heehee
[17:21] [HT]: 'cuase i have two
[17:21] [HT]: haha
[17:21] [HT]: left
[17:21] [HT]: hmm
[17:22] [HT]: I have to brush my teeth after this
[17:22] [HT]: and get ready for band
[17:22] [HT]: 'cause my saxophone, I don' thtink, can handle
[17:22] [HT]: fish sauce
[17:22] [TW]: hahahhaha
[17:22] [HT]: and moon cake
[17:22] [TW]: X)
[17:22] [HT]: and stuff I ate the fish sauce with
[17:22] [HT]: haha
[17:22] [TW]: :P
[17:22] [TW]: food storage system
[17:22] [TW]: ;D
[17:23] [TW]: *nibbles on your chapstick*
[17:23] [TW]: mmmmm, minty
[17:23] [TW]: *still hungry*
[17:23] [TW]: ;_;
[17:24] [TW]: so which should be used for name of blog again?
[17:26] [TW]: hahahaha
[17:26] [TW]: theres a food blog named: articles of mastication
[17:28] [HT]: hehe
[17:28] [HT]: :-D
[17:28] [HT]: idk
[17:28] [HT]: whatever you want
[17:28] [HT]: mashed wallabunny is ok
[17:28] [HT]: haha
[17:28] [HT]: although that might steer people away from the thought that it's a food blog
[17:28] [TW]: the mashed wallabuny?
[17:28] [TW]: bunny*
[17:29] [TW]: food blogs: http://www.foodblogblog.com/
[17:30] [HT]: ok
[17:30] [HT]: hmm
[17:30] [HT]: we're not that weird now that I've seen them
[17:30] [HT]: ....
[17:30] [HT]: wth
[17:30] [TW]: hmm?
[17:30] [HT]: trop bon?
[17:30] [HT]: haha
[17:30] [TW]: ?
[17:30] [HT]: too good?
[17:30] [HT]: haha
[17:30] [HT]: ok
[17:30] [HT]: that's weird
[17:30] [TW]: o.O
[17:30] [HT]: haha
[17:30] [HT]: brb
[17:31] [TW]: k
[17:31] [TW]: think of a good name while you're at it
[17:31] [TW]: ooooh
[17:31] [TW]: Mashed Wallabies and Spam
[17:31] [TW]: wait
[17:31] [TW]: Mashed Wallabunnies and Spam.
[17:32] [TW]: a play on mashed potatoes
[17:32] [TW]: and green eggs and ham
[17:32] [TW]: :P
[17:33] [HT]: haha
[17:33] [HT]: ok
[17:33] [HT]: ok
[17:33] [HT]: i like that
[17:33] [HT]: mashed wallabunnies and spam
[17:33] [TW]: haha
[17:34] [TW]: then what should the address be?
[17:34] [TW]: we can't be mashedwallabiesandspam.blogserverthingnamehere
[17:34] [HT]: haha
[17:34] [HT]: yeah
[17:34] [HT]: hmm
[17:34] [TW]: wallabunnies*
[17:34] [HT]: it should be something short
[17:34] [HT]: like
[17:34] [TW]: wallabunnies
[17:34] [HT]: mayonaise
[17:34] [TW]: o.O
[17:34] [HT]: hahahaha
[17:34] [TW]: how random
[17:34] [TW]: hmmm
[17:34] [HT]: I know
[17:35] [TW]: soooo
[17:35] [HT]: but I don't like mayonaise
[17:35] [HT]: so
[17:35] [TW]: mayonnaise.blogblogblog redirects to
[17:35] [HT]: let's do some food that we like
[17:35] [HT]: ok?
[17:35] [HT]: haha
[17:35] [HT]: you pick, ok?
[17:35] [HT]: I have practice
[17:35] [HT]: or maybe we can talk about it more later
[17:35] [TW]: OOOH
[17:35] [TW]: spot*
[17:35] [HT]: ok
[17:35] [HT]: haha
[17:35] [HT]: ok
[17:35] [TW]: haha
[17:35] [TW]: XD
[17:35] [HT]: XDDD
[17:35] [HT]: fishsauce

***Note: Some lines were taken out because they were of interjections that didn't relate, as random as this conversation appears to be. And no, I (TW) don't nibble on chapstick.

And if you didn't want to read all that, here's the summary:
'Mashed Wallabunnies and Spam' is a play on 'mashed potatoes' and Dr. Suess's 'Green Eggs and Ham'. Mmmm, spiced ham. However, mashedwallabunniesandspam.blogspot would've been a bit long so we wanted fishsauce.blogspot. But fishsauce.blogspot wasn't available, so our address is...